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Never Surrender
Our Never Surrender program is designed to keep pets out of our shelters by providing alternatives to shelter surrender. But, we also want you to be able to keep the promise you made to your pet . . . to love and care for them forever!

If you are a Pinal County resident, we may be able to:
  • help you keep your pet,
  • rehome your pet or a pet you have found, or
  • find temporary care for your pet . . . by problem-solving with you:

Are you thinking about GIVING UP your pet to a shelter?
If you feel like you have no options but to leave your pet at a shelter, we ask that you first make an effort with us. Do any of the following issues apply to your situation? If so, let's see if we can help you find a solution:
Have you tried all the above, but it just isn't working?
If you've given your best effort using the above resources but have not reached a workable solution that enables you to keep your pet, the next best step is to try to find a new home for your pet. You are your pet's best chance of finding a new home and family - not a shelter!!

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