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Finding a New Home for Your Pet ("Rehoming")

If you've arrived at this page, you've most likely checked out our other resources and feel that the best option for you and your pet is to find him/her a new home. Please take the time to read the following information that will give you the tools to make that transition a success for both you and your pet.

You are your pet's best chance of finding a new home and family - not a shelter!!

If the idea that you can "rehome" (find a new home for) your pet yourself has never crossed your mind, let it now - because you can! Moreover, by taking the time and care to rehome yourself, rather than surrendering to the shelter, you are giving your pet a real, sustainable chance at continuing life . . . and potentially saving the life of another pet already left at the shelter.

Here are some suggestions and resources for rehoming your pet:
"How To Find a Home for a Pet"
We recommend reading this short, but comprehensive, publication from Best Friends' Animal Society to get you started.
Take awesome photos of your pet.
"A picture paints a thousand words!"
Award-winning photographer, Seth Casteel, has been volunteering with animal shelters and rescues for over 6 years, teaching animal shelter staff and volunteers how to take positive photos to save the lives of homeless pets.
Watch these "how-to" videos to get you started:
One Picture Savesa Life
Always charge a fee for rehoming.
Generally $100-$150 is acceptable and it is not intended to earn you money, but as a way to ensure that the adoptive home is financially able and desires to care for your pet enough to pay this fee.
Spay/neuter & vaccinate your pet.
There are options for low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services. Preparing your pet for adoption by doing this will not only increase your pet's happiness and health, but another family's willingness to adopt them.
Check out our Spay/Neuter webpage for resources.
Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations. Again, options for low/no-cost vaccination clinics do exist. Pinal County Animal Care and Control Rabies Clinics (Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital)
Now advertise!
Post on various online resources such as:
Pet Finder
Post and distribute "For Adoption" flyers in your community (examples - friends, family, churches, vets' offices, pet supply stores, grooming shops, etc.).
Here is a link for a flyer maker to help you: Flyer Maker
Consider a classified ad in our local newspapers:
Pinal Central Classifieds
Rate for a 3-line ad to publish for 6 days in the Casa Grande Dispatch is approximately $13.41 as of December, 2022.
Post on Craigslist:
How to Post on Craigslist
It is a Craigslist site policy to prohibit the SALE of household pets of any kind including dogs and cats. Rehoming with small adoption fee is allowed. Therefore, in line with our recommendation to charge a rehoming fee, please specify its amount in your posting.
Contact rescue groups
Ask if they will do a "courtesy posting" for you on their website and/or Facebook page.
Check out PACC911's listing of local rescues
Check out potential adopters.
Make sure their home and the people living there are suitable for your pet. Remember, you know your pet better than anyone; you know what will or won't work for them.
Ask for a reference from their vet or a friend/family member if they don't have an established veterinary office.
Screen the potential adopters and consider using an adoption contract:
Use the "Adoption Screener's Worksheet" & "Adoption Contract" available at the end of "How To Find Homes for Pets"
Last, but perhaps most important
Give yourself ample time to find a new home. It's not going to happen overnight, which is one of many reasons why shelters are forced to kill healthy, adoptable pets all the time - because their limited resources don't provide the ability to take the time to find your pet a new home.